I’m a hot mom – people say they can’t tell the difference between me and my daughter

YOU may have heard people telling others they’re lucky they have good genes or that they take after their parents.

This couldn’t be more true for one mother-daughter duo that people say looks identical.

Riley and her mom get told they look the same age on her recent TikTok video


Riley and her mom get told they look the same age on her recent TikTok video
Riley's on the left, and her mom is on the right


Riley’s on the left, and her mom is on the rightCredit: Instagram/rileysaurage

Most children usually look like either their mother, their father, or a combination of the two.

Famed TikToker Riley Saurage gets told her mother doesn’t just look like her but that they could be the same age.

Riley posted a video dancing with her mom, and viewers were shocked at how similar they appeared.

The two women stand in front of the camera wearing similar outfits.

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Riley’s wearing light wash baggy Levi jeans with an oversized sweatshirt and platform UGG slippers.

Her mom is sporting high-waisted jeans with a cropped white T-shirt exposing her midriff.

“Having a mom who constantly matches your energy is so fun,” Riley exclaims.

The two women laugh and smile as they move closer to the camera.

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Riley’s mom has long dark brown hair, while Riley has blonde highlights that frame her face.

Viewers skipped over the tiny difference in hair color and couldn’t believe how similar the two looked.

“Not me thinking you were the same age she’s beautiful,” a shocked fan wrote.

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Another baffled viewer said: “Wait I can’t tell which one is the mom.”

“Mom is a 10/10 and would be not knowing she was a mom or her age or any info,” a woman commented, while another noted: “Your family has amazing genes.”

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