I’m a plus size cheerleader – people think I can’t do it and say I don’t ‘look right’ but they’re wrong

A PLUS size cheerleader has opened up about the hurtful preconceptions that she wouldn’t be able to do the sport because of her size.

Tiffany Price revealed that she’s had it with people saying that fitness is anything to do with body type – and she’s walking proof that it doesn’t mean you have to be small to be active.

Tiffany is proud to represent plus size cheerleaders


Tiffany is proud to represent plus size cheerleadersCredit: tiktok/@tiffanypric.e

The body confident social media star shared a video on her TikTok account, which is @tiffanypric.e, hitting back at her critics. 

“When people say plus size cheerleaders aren’t a thing,” the text on the video reads, as it cuts to footage of Tiffany and her fellow cheerleaders performing impressive lift after lift.

She then continues defiantly: “I know they aren’t saying my name, or have evidence that this is the truth.

The video concludes as Tiffany writes: “Repeat after me: fitness has no body type.”

She was immediately greeted with kind comments from her followers, as they praised her for speaking out.

One said: “Some of the best cheerleaders I know are plus size, preach!”

Another added: “You look so cute in your uniform.”

Tiffany has previously opened up about her love of the sport in past TikTok posts.

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In another video, the social media user shared the comments people make when they find out that she is a cheerleader.

Tiffany said that she regularly hears comments ranging from “you definitely don’t look like a cheerleader” to “you really suit that uniform for a bigger cheerleader.”

Other harsh things people have told her include “if you go into a calorie deficit you’ll look better in the uniform” and “what are you doing in the athlete section?”

However, showing that she won’t let it bring her down, she captioned the post: “we exist guys, it’s nothing to panic about”.

Tiffany showed what she can do


Tiffany showed what she can doCredit: tiktok/@tiffanypric.e

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