I’m a size 16 with 36E boobs and I put high-street coats to the test – I’ve finally found the perfect one for winter 

IF you are still to get yourself a winter coat, fear not, you’ve come to the right place.

We asked body confident babe, Elizabeth Carley-Leonard, to try out and review a selection of coats from the high-street, so you don’t have to.

Here, fashion fan and influencer Elizabeth Carley-Leonard, has tested out the high-streets winter coats


Here, fashion fan and influencer Elizabeth Carley-Leonard, has tested out the high-streets winter coatsCredit: Elisabeth Carley-Leonard

From Leicester, Elisabeth, who is five foot 8 and and a size 16 with 36E boobs, exclusively told Fabulous: “Let’s play a game of smash or pass, curvy girl, winter coat edition.

“I’m going to give you my honest review of coats and jackets from a few different brands.

“For reference, all of these jackets and coats are a UK size 16.”

Here, Elisabeth put to the test and shared her thoughts on the winter offerings from the likes of New Look, M&S, Primark and Next. 

Elisabeth revealed the perfect coat for winter, that she would definitely smash – as well as the jackets that she would certainly pass. 

New Look

First of all, the influencer tried on a grey coat, as she explained: “First one up is from New Look and is priced at £69.99. 

She was very impressed with this grey coat from New Look


She was very impressed with this grey coat from New LookCredit: Elisabeth Carley-Leonard

“This is a smash. There’s bonus points here because the sleeve length is good, the shoulders sit really nicely and it actually buttons up.”

Elisabeth also tried on a black and white coat, also from New Look, as she shared: “Next up, this is from New Look’s Tall range. Again, a size 16, it is priced at £35.

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But she admitted she wasn't keen on this black and white number


But she admitted she wasn’t keen on this black and white numberCredit: Elisabeth Carley-Leonard

“Pass. There’s no lining, so the material does not feel nice on my skin.

“I feel like you couldn’t do it all the way up with curves and it just wouldn’t stay in place.”

I’ve found the perfect winter coat and it’s exactly like Molly Mae’s and it’s a dupe for £2k designer jacket

But that’s not all, as Elisabeth then modelled a khaki puffer jacket – but was left unimpressed with the price.

The fashionista expressed: “Another New Look one and I do feel like these long-lined puffer jackets are very everywhere at the moment.

She liked this puffer jacket, but wasn't keen on the price


She liked this puffer jacket, but wasn’t keen on the priceCredit: Elisabeth Carley-Leonard

“But I think you can get very similar jackets, at a very similar quality, at different price points that are more affordable.

“The fact that this is £79.99 unfortunately puts it into the pass category. But everything else I do love.”

Mixing things up slightly, Elisabeth then tried on a shacket – but she wasn’t sold, as she continued: “Got another one from New Look here, this is priced at £39.99.

This shacked left her unimpressed


This shacked left her unimpressedCredit: Elisabeth Carley-Leonard

“I do not like this – there’s no lining, it feels quite itchy on the inside.

“It feels a little bit cheap and I definitely wouldn’t pay £40 for something like this. Hard pass.” 

For the final New Look number, Elisabeth then tried on a £59.99 buy – but was equally unimpressed.

Elisabeth was left divided at this fluffy number


Elisabeth was left divided at this fluffy numberCredit: Elisabeth Carley-Leonard

She explained: “Why would you have an inner lining like this? Initially I looked at it and thought ‘yeah, that’s cute’. 

“Design wise, I like it. Fit wise, I like it. The fact that the inside is some kind of fake leather? I do not like that.

“It was a smash, but unfortunately it’s going to have to be a pass.”


Elisabeth then tried on some coats from Primark – the first of which was a short grey coat.

She beamed at the buy and said: “Next up, this one is from Primark and this is a size L, which is technically a 14-16 and it’s priced at £28. 

Elisabeth was surprised at the quality of this coat


Elisabeth was surprised at the quality of this coatCredit: Elisabeth Carley-Leonard

“I’m kind of surprised at how good the quality is.

“It feels more expensive than it is, so smash on this one.”

Things continued well for Primark, as Elisabeth next modelled a puffer jacket.

Thrilled at the ‘shower resistant’ quality, the fashion fan expressed: “On the note of puffers, I got this one which is actually shower resistant from Primark.

This 'shower resistant' coat left Elisabeth smiling


This ‘shower resistant’ coat left Elisabeth smilingCredit: Elisabeth Carley-Leonard

“Large again so 14-16. Do you know what I do enjoy – you can tighten it around the waist – because let’s face it, puffer jackets are not always the most flattering things. 

“If we can define our waist sometimes, bonus points are given for that as well.

“The fact that this is shower resistant and only £32, really puts it in the smash category for me.”

Elisabeth also tried on another jacket from Primark, but was left slightly baffled as she tried to do it up.

She added: “This is from Primark – size 14 to 16 again and it’s from their Edit collection.

But she was a bit baffled by this beige jacket


But she was a bit baffled by this beige jacketCredit: Elisabeth Carley-Leonard

“This [neck attachment] confused me for a second. I initially liked this one – until this happened. 

“It’s giving straight jacket. Was a smash but it’s now a pass.”

Following this came Elisabeth’s favourite coat of the bunch – a stunning beige woollen jacket, as she beamed: “This is another one from the Primark Edit, so the high end range.

Elisabeth's favourite coat of her haul was £60 from Primark


Elisabeth’s favourite coat of her haul was £60 from PrimarkCredit: Elisabeth Carley-Leonard

“It’s a 14-16 – it’s a 50% wool blend and it’s priced at £60. I think this is my favourite one so far.

“The fact that this is only £60…This is a bargain. This is a smash.

“This goes to the top of the list. This is the best one of the bunch.”

Marks & Spencer

The fashion fan then tried on some of Marks & Spencer’s offerings – beginning with a beige coat – which left her with mixed reviews.

She revealed: “This one is from M&S and it is shower resistant, apparently, from their Stormwear range.

Elisabeth felt like she was 'wearing a comforter' with this M&S number


Elisabeth felt like she was ‘wearing a comforter’ with this M&S numberCredit: Elisabeth Carley-Leonard

“It’s also thermo-warm, which means it’s warm without being heavy, so I do really like that about it. But it is £89.

“Pros – really lightweight, really comfortable, fits nicely, because M&S do come up small sometimes.

“Cons though – I do not love the design, what is going on with these pockets? I feel like I’m wearing a comforter. It’s a pass.”

Elisabeth then added some colour into her haul, as she modelled a bright green jacket from M&S. 

She continued: “This one is from M&S and it’s priced at £69.

But things looked up with this bright jacket


But things looked up with this bright jacketCredit: Elisabeth Carley-Leonard

“I do really like this one – it’s lined, it doesn’t feel too heavy on.

“The only thing for me – the sleeve length could be a bit longer, but I am tall.

“I like it – why not have a pop of colours in the winter?”


Elisabeth then modelled a £45 Yours Curve teddy bear jacket, from Next, and was left unimpressed. 

She admitted: “This one is from Yours, it feels really flimsy.

This buy from Next felt 'flimsy' according to the influencer


This buy from Next felt ‘flimsy’ according to the influencerCredit: Elisabeth Carley-Leonard

“It’s a pass. There’s no lining, it feels really thin and the internal material feels really harsh.

“The inside of the hood, all of the seams are out, so you can see from behind, it just looks like an unfinished item of clothing. 

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“Worst one of the bunch.”

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