I’m a working mum of two-under-three & the ‘fly lady’ cleaning method means my house is spotless – it takes minutes

AS A working mum you may find it difficult to keep on top of the household chores and cleaning.

But one mum has revealed the clever method she uses which makes looking after her home much more manageable.

25-year-old mum of two Nicole shared how the 'fly lady' cleaning method has helped keep her house under control


25-year-old mum of two Nicole shared how the ‘fly lady’ cleaning method has helped keep her house under controlCredit: TikTok/@mrsnicolekerr

Nicole Kerr, 25, from the US, shared the method on her TikTok account, mrsnicolekerr, and the video has gone viral with over 700k views.

The mum-of-two has a pretty hectic lifestyle running around after her kids who are both under three and working full time while her husband also holds down three jobs.

She revealed the ‘fly lady’ cleaning method has saved her from stressing about cleaning her house and makes the mum feel far more organised.

The fly lady cleaning method consists of setting a timer for 15 minutes a day and doing as much decluttering or cleaning in one ‘zone’ or room as you can.

It also consists of ‘home blessing’ where you set an hour aside to do bigger cleaning jobs such as changing the bedding, dusting, hoovering and washing the floors and taking the rubbish out.

The idea is that if you clean and organise little and often you won’t be stuck with a huge mess that will take hours to clean.

Nicole then showed her typical evening and morning routine using the fly-lady 15-minute timer method.

First, she does a quick tidy up of the kitchen after dinner, she then sets out her and her children’s outfits and bags for the next day to save her time in the morning.

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The mum then sets a two-minute timer to quickly clean her lounge, putting away any toys and items of their place.

Once these tasks are done Nicole then has time to actually relax and enjoy her evening without having to think about chores she has to get done.

In the morning Nicole gives her bathroom a quick clean, empties the dishwasher, puts on a load of laundry, and makes her bed.

In the video, she said: “I’m never overwhelmed with the cleaning anymore, which is saying something coming from someone who has two children three years of age and under.”

Nicole suggested downloading the ‘fly lady’ app to get started with the cleaning method.

Viewers of the video were blown away by how stress-free Nicole seemed considering her busy schedule and were tempted to try it themselves.

One wrote: “This has inspired me to finally try fly lady. I’m a full time working mom with a 15-month-old and I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed in my house lately.”

“I needed to find this today!! Finally someone I can resonate with! Finally gonna jump to fly lady” Exclaimed another mum.

A third person commented: “I’ve been wondering how the fly lady could work for a working mom!! Thanks!”

Nicole set a two-minute timer to clean her front room and it looked spotless in minutes


Nicole set a two-minute timer to clean her front room and it looked spotless in minutesCredit: TikTok/@mrsnicolekerr

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