I’m an elegance coach – the three ways you should sit on a soft couch and one thing you should never do

AN ELEGANCE coach has revealed three ways you should sit on a couch, keeping in mind one thing you should never do.

Anastasia, known as @anaskid on TikTok, posts “timeless fashion” and elegance tips for her 180,000 followers.

Anastasia said to never lean back


Anastasia said to never lean backCredit: TIKTOK/anaskid
It's important to cross your legs.


It’s important to cross your legs.Credit: TIKTOK/anaskid

She recommended those who want to look proper follow a set of rules for sitting on the couch.

First, you want to make sure you’re sitting diagonally and cross your legs.

However, leaning back is a big no in Anastasia’s book.

Rather, you only want to be occupying two-thirds of the seat.

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She went on to demonstrate that you can cross your shins while doing this, sit with your thighs pushed together or with one leg over the other.

However, many people complained about the stance in the comments. 

“My back pain said no,” one said.

“It doesn’t look comfortable,” said another.

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