I’m an interior design expert – here are the six colours you should never use in a small bathroom

IT’S easy to forget about your bathroom when redecorating.

Figuring out what to do with the room, what colours to use, and how to make it a relaxing space can be difficult.

A small bathroom space can be tricky to keep bright and airy


A small bathroom space can be tricky to keep bright and airyCredit: Getty

And it can be even harder when your bathroom is a little bit smaller than you would like.

But giving your small bathroom a makeover is actually all the rage just now.

To help you design and decorate this cosy space, Abbas Youssefi, founder of Porcelain Superstore, has shared his wisdom on the top six colours to avoid and the six colours to make your space more inviting.


While black might look chic in larger spaces it is a no-no for your small bathroom.

Abbas says it absorbs light and can even make your room even smaller or cramped.

He suggests opting for lighter shades like a soft grey or a pale blue to keep the space feeling open and airy.

Deep Red

A deep, intense red can be overwhelming.

They can create a sense of confinement and may make the space appear claustrophobic.

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Abbas says: “Use lighter, muted shades of red, such as coral or blush, to add a pop of colour without overwhelming the room.”

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Bright Yellow

Despite being a cheerful and vibrant colour, yellow can overwhelm your space.

It can create a harsh contrast and make the room feel intense.

Abbas says if you are intent on using yellow then opt for a softer, pastel yellow or a subtle beige to maintain a warm and inviting atmosphere.


Abbas says: “White is great if you want your bathroom to feel like a hospital toilet.

“Pure white is a bad choice.

“It can make the space feel stark and sterile, which isn’t what you want.

“You want this sanctuary to be inviting and calm.”

Instead, you should opt for a bright neutral like an off-white or a cream colour which will help to maintain the clean and fresh look.

And it adds an extra layer of warmth to the tiny setting.

Bold Orange

Just don’t.

Abbas says avoid bright orange unless you want to feel like you’re living in a fruit.

He says it is overpowering and just makes your small bathroom feel cramped.

Abbas adds: “If you want fruity, go for a soft peach or maybe a muted terracotta to maintain a hint of orange without overwhelming the space.”

Rich Brown

A rich, dark brown can make a small bathroom feel like a cave.

It absorbs light out of the space and lacks the brightness needed to create an open atmosphere.

Abbas says: “It’s cloying.

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“If you’re a fan of earthy colours, they can still be used to great effect.

“But instead try lighter shades like taupe or sandy beige to bring warmth and a sense of space to the room.”

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