I’m an interior designer & my four tips will help maximise underused space in even the smallest house

NO MATTER how big or small your house is, there’s probably space that isn’t being made the most of.

Whether its an entire junk room or a hallway that looks a bit neglected, there’s loads of ways to upgrade these forgotten about spaces.

There are loads of places in your home that aren't being utilised fully


There are loads of places in your home that aren’t being utilised fullyCredit: GarrettLeChic/youtube

Interior designer Garret LeChic took to YouTube to reveal some of his helpful ways to do it the best.

No mud room? No problem

Unless you’re lucky enough to live in a big house in the countryside, the chances are you don’t have a mud room.

But according to the pro you can make to most of your entryway and create a faux mud room instead.

Garret explained that by adding a few baskets to keep dog leads and other things that you might need to grab, as well as a small bench and coat hooks can transform even the smallest entryway.

Create pantry style shelves

If your kitchen cupboards are full of old pots and pans that you don’t use, creating pantry style shelves is a great way to better utilise the space.

The open concept design both looks chic and is practical.

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Garret said: “A butler’s pantry doesn’t have to be a singular room meant for that, you can set up a hallways or transitional space too.”

Upgrade your hallway

“I adore a hallway because they’re transitional spaces that connect different rooms together,” Garret said.

He recommended adding fun wallpaper and art to make the most of the often forgot about space.

Re-think your wardrobe space

Even though most people don’t have lush walk-in wardrobes in their homes, that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most out of the wardrobe space you do have.

Garret said: “I like to take full advantage of the closets in my home and add the most amount of storage.”

Adding in extra baskets for storage at the bottom of your wardrobe or even on top can create loads more places to neatly tuck things away.

Adding a bench by your front door will make better use of the space


Adding a bench by your front door will make better use of the spaceCredit: GarrettLeChic/youtube
Your hallway doesn't need to be boring


Your hallway doesn’t need to be boringCredit: GarrettLeChic/youtube

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