I’m proud of my ‘B belly’ – there’s nothing wrong with it, there are many different body types and they’re all beautiful

A BODY positive woman has shown off her “B belly” — she said she’s proud of what she looks like.

She embraced her body type and believes other people should as well.

Emma, a body positive influencer, showed off how her belly normally looks


Emma, a body positive influencer, showed off how her belly normally looksCredit: TikTok/ehalst

Emma (@ehalst) shared her outfit in a video with over 30,000 TikTok followers.

The content creator sported a black tank top and a plaid maxi skirt, styled high-waisted.

“How my body looks all the time,” she said.

She turned to the side, pulling down her skirt to pop out her belly, smiling as she flaunted it.

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“It’s called a B belly and no, there is nothing wrong with it,” she said.

Emma had a few motivational words for her viewers: “You are more than your body but your body is more beautiful than you know,” she added with the hashtags #bodypositivity and #selflovejourney.

People took to the comments to thank her for her kind message.

“Aw I didn’t realize it was normal to have a belly shaped like that,” said one commenter.

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“It’s normal, there’s so many of us,” Emma replied.

“I’ve always felt like the ‘wrong’ type of curvy because of my stomach,” said another.

“It’s nice to see someone who looks like me.”

“Seeing you wearing a skirt makes me feel better, I’ll wear tonight too,” said a third.

She said she's proud of her 'B belly' and it's perfectly normal


She said she’s proud of her ‘B belly’ and it’s perfectly normalCredit: TikTok/ehalst

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