‘Incredibly concerned,’ says Walgreens customer as store announces sudden closure with just a sign on the door

RESIDENTS have been concerned about their prescriptions after their local Walgreens announced a sudden closure.

Walgreens shoppers in Fort Wayne, Indiana were stunned after finding out their local pharmacy will close on February 20, while reading a sign on the store’s door.

Walgreens announced that they will close one of its Fort Wayne locations


Walgreens announced that they will close one of its Fort Wayne locationsCredit: Google

Fort Wayne City Councilwoman Sharon Tucker revealed that this closure creates a gap in services for people in her district.

”It’s important for people to have access to their medication,” Tucker told Journal Gazette.

Shoppers will have other locations to go to, but Antoinette Francher-Donald, a community and equity advocate leader believes this change will harm the community.

She claimed that those who depend on Walgreens for groceries will be put in a bind.

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”It’s different with a car,” she said. “But if you’re on a bus, there’s limited room for you to keep your groceries.”

This change could largely affect people of color, with Black, Hispanic, and Asian residents making up to 67.9% of the population in 2021 according to City-Data.com.

”It makes me sad,” Francher-Donald said.

“It just articulates that the community doesn’t care about the southeast side. … I’m incredibly concerned.”

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Lillie Cantrelle, a pastor at Faith Tabernacle Apostolic, shared the same sentiment.

She claims that closures in the area will not only affect her but also those who are close to her.

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Cantrelle explained that the nearby Walgreens already deals with long lines, both at checkout and at its drive-through service.

”I thought we were doing better,” Cantrell said. “These closures are a step in the wrong direction.”

Unfortunately, this is not the only closure happening in the area.

A CVS is closing its front store on Calhoun St. for renovations, Matt Blanchette, senior manager of retail communications for CVS Pharmacy, said in an email to the publication.

The pharmacy will have a limited stock of health and wellness products according to Blanchette.

”We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but look forward to introducing the community to a new and enhanced store format with an adjacent Oak Street Health primary care clinic when work is complete,” he said.

A date has not been confirmed, but the spokesperson revealed that their pharmacy will still be open to residents throughout construction.

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The U.S. Sun has reached out to Walgreens for comment

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