IRS stimulus check tool – how to track down your payment and claim your cash

AMERICANS are still waiting for stimulus checks but there is a tool to track your payment.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) began the tax season on January 24 with the deadline to file penalty-free passing in April.

What to do if you have yet to receive your stimulus payment


What to do if you have yet to receive your stimulus paymentCredit: Getty

According to the IRS, it has processed more than 143million tax returns this year.

Most tax returns are processed within 21 days or six to eight weeks if you’re filing by paper.

However, it’s possible your tax return may require additional review and take longer.

As of September 9, the IRS said it had 7.2million unprocessed individual returns, which include ones received last year and ones reflecting the 2021 tax year.

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If you’re still waiting on a payment, here’s how to track it:

What’s the first step to take?

The IRS said you can no longer use the Get My Payment application to check your payment status.

To find the amount of the third stimulus payment, you will need to create or view your online account or refer to IRS Notice 1444-C, which was mailed after sending your payment.

You can also securely access your individual tax information with an IRS online account to view your total economic impact payment amounts under the 2021 tax year tab.

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You will need the total of the third payment and any plus-up payments you received to accurately calculate the 2021 recovery rebate credit when you file your 2021 federal tax return in 2022.

What if my payment status is not available?

If you receive this message, you can claim the recovery rebate credit.

You’ll also need to file a 2020 tax return, even if you’re not required to do so.

A recovery rebate credit calculates the eligibility and the amount of your stimulus check based on information from this tax return.

You’ll need to fill out the recovery rebate credit worksheet which will help check if you’re eligible for a payment.

The IRS has more information on how to file a tax return electronically online.

I’m getting another message on the IRS tracker

If you’re getting the “Need More Information” message on the Get My Payment tracker, then the IRS hasn’t received enough information to send your payment electronically.

If you haven’t received your stimulus check by mail, then again, you’ll need to claim a recovery rebate credit.

If you’re getting the message “Please Try Again Later,” then you’ve been locked out of your account for 24 hours.

This might have happened because the information you entered didn’t match IRS records, or you’ve tried to access the site more than five times in 24 hours.

Stimulus check: a check from the US government to ease the domestic economy during tough times of pandemics and economic crises


Stimulus check: a check from the US government to ease the domestic economy during tough times of pandemics and economic crisesCredit: Getty

I’m told my stimulus check was sent but I didn’t get it

To find the amounts of your economic impact payments (EIP), check your online account.

You can securely access your individual IRS account online to view the total of your first, second and third stimulus amounts under the “economic impact payment information” section on the tax records page. 

The IRS mailed EIP notices to the address they have on file.

  • Notice 1444: Shows the first Economic Impact Payment sent for tax year 2020
  • Notice 1444-B: Shows the second Economic Impact Payment sent for tax year 2020
  • Notice 1444-C: Shows the third Economic Impact Payment sent for tax year 2021

For married filing joint individuals, each spouse will need to log into their own online account or review their own letter to get their half of the payment.

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