Is Trello down? Issues, outages, and errors explained

TRELLO users are saying “my work day is over” after the list-making app went down amid a mysterious outage.

Complaints spiked at just over 8.30am UK time according to the Down Detector website.

Trello is used by loads of companies across the world


Trello is used by loads of companies across the world

It’s not clear what the problem is but Trello has acknowledged issues.

Trello is used by companies across the globe to manage and keep track of tasks.

Is Trello down?

Trello suffered an outage at 8.30am UK time on February 13.

Confused users took to social media to try and work out whether the glitch is isolated or global.

Though many are seeing it as an opportunity to take an early break from work.

“Well, Trello is down so I suppose my work day is over,” one user wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“As a developer what do you do when Trello is down?” another said.

“If Trello is down is this a sign to just go drink coffee in the sun somewhere?” a third added.

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Trello has said it is investigating.

Just before 9am UK time, the firm said: “We’ve noticed that Trello is responding slowly. This will be present in both the web and mobile apps.

“Our engineering team is actively investigating this incident and working to bring Trello back up to speed as quickly as possible.”

Then at 10:12am UK time, an update said: “We’re still investigating the root cause of this problem, and a new update will be shared soon! Thanks for your patience!”

How can I check if Trello is down?

The most obvious place to check is social media to see if there’s a wider outage.

If you tweet Trello, you might get an automatic response as others have.

Go to the Replies tab to see if others have already asked and had a response.

You can find the company @trello.

Otherwise, Trello also has a service status page, which can be accessed here.

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