It’s Time for Dianne Feinstein to Resign—for the Good of the Country

Photo Illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/Getty/Reuters

Public trust in elected officials is at an all-time low, and it’s no surprise why. Between the gerontocracy that controls our governing bodies, the corrupting influence of money in politics, a thriving anger-tainment industry, and a political culture that places self-preservation over principle, it’s imperative that we take steps to restore Americans’ faith in our democracy.

Take Sen. Dianne Feinstein: a trailblazing and fierce advocate for Californians, and a remarkable American. After battling a severe case of shingles as she approaches her 90th birthday, the senator has returned to Washington, but accounts from colleagues, reporters, and staff paint a troubling picture: the senator’s health and mental acuity render her unable to represent her constituents and fulfill the responsibilities of her office. She—or those on whom she relies—must now decide whether to protect the senator’s personal interest or our nation’s best interests.

When I made headlines for calling on Sen. Feinstein to resign, it was never a question of her qualifications or character, rather of her competency to serve. What I said out loud is the same sentiment shared by almost all of my colleagues in private; by choosing to remain in the Senate, Sen. Feinstein risks tarnishing her remarkable legacy and the sacred oath she took as a United States Senator.

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Source: The Daily Beast

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