‘Job’ Review: When a Therapy Session Becomes a Hostage Situation

Emilio Madrid

It looks like a therapy session, but as terrified therapist Loyd (Peter Friedman) eventually tells client Jane (Sydney Lemmon), it is actually a hostage situation. When Job (SoHo Playhouse, to Oct 8) opens, she is facing him holding a gun, and he understandably seems utterly freaked out.

Jane is a tech worker—her job to sift the crudest, most offensive material and make it disappear—who has had some kind of breakdown, which culminated in a meltdown at work. That meltdown, which saw her standing on a table and shouting, went viral online. From being the judge and jury of online content herself she herself has become a notorious online personality. She really doesn’t want to be in this room; having therapy is merely a box-ticking exercise in her intention to get her job back.

“I’ll talk about anything that you feel will give you grounds to reinstate me,” she tells Loyd.

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Source: The Daily Beast

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