Kelly Price updates – Singer returns after cops said she was ‘missing’ following Covid diagnosis reveal on Instagram

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In March, Kelly revealed in an interview with Madame Noire that she was secretly engaged.

“I’m actually engaged right now. I haven’t said anything much publicly yet but I’ve been with someone for about two years now.

“I intentionally kept it quiet because I told myself when it comes time to let the world know, I’ll let the world know exactly who that individual is,” she told the outlet of keeping her man’s identity a secret – though she has partially shown him on social media .

Credit: Instagram / Kelly Price

However, it’s been reported in the past his name is Terrell Babers.

She continued of their relationship: “I have my own litmus test of things. So I needed every situation to be tried out before I said, ‘Yes, I’ll do this again.’

“Because I’ve done this before and divorce is not fun even when you know you need to get divorced. It’s not fun.”

The vocal powerhouse added of her dynamic with her mystery man: “Now, I do know better, if for some reason, it doesn’t work, I won’t ever force myself to stay in a situation that’s not working.

“But I am taking my time and vetting everything. And not just the individual.

“Because when you meet a person, you like them and you’re feeling them, you have to decide whether you love them enough to deal with their family. And they love you enough to deal with yours.

“What other family members think may not control what happens in your house but it will have some level of affect because you’re literally taking two backgrounds, you’re meshing them and trying to become one in everything.”

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