Kendrick Perkins cries with laughter on live TV as First Take host Molly Qerim begs him to share the joke

THE ongoing Eric Lewis controversy has been too much for Kendrick Perkins to handle.

Former NBA star Perkins was in tears during Monday’s edition of First Take on ESPN after the topic of Lewis’ supposed burner account on Twitter was raised.

Perkins (L) couldn't compose himself as the laughter took over on Monday


Perkins (L) couldn’t compose himself as the laughter took over on MondayCredit: ESPN
He could be seen wiping away tears during the segment


He could be seen wiping away tears during the segmentCredit: ESPN

It was reported on Saturday that the account in question, which regularly defended Lewis, was under investigation by the NBA, according to Marc Stein.

He tweeted: “The NBA, I’m told, has opened an official review into Twitter activity unearthed this week with frequent mentions of veteran referee Eric Lewis.”

This news prompted former Los Angeles Lakers star Patrick Beverley to take a sly jab at Lewis on Twitter where he said: “Laughed at me when I grabbed the camera” before adding “yea aight” and a facepalm emoji.

This came in reference to an incident on January 28 when the Lakers lost 125-121 in overtime against the Boston Celtics.

During the end of regulation, Lakers star LeBron James was not given a technical foul he felt was deserved, prompting Beverley to bring a camera onto the court to show Lewis the play again.

Now, with the allegations against Lewis combined with Beverly’s actions, Perkins couldn’t contain his laughter on First Take.

“I just couldn’t stop laughing. That Patrick Beverley moment was like…” he said, before erupting in laughter.

As Perkins struggled to compose himself, host Molly Qerim asked: “Do you want to elaborate? Do you want to share it with the world? Or do you just want to keep it to yourself and crack up?”

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But despite Perkins’ best efforts, he burst out into laughter once again.

“Do you need a moment?” Qerim asked, before prompting Legler to take over.

But Legler encouraged Perkins to “keep going,” saying: “Well, I don’t think anybody can go right now until Perk cleanses himself of this and gets this out of his system. You done Perk? Keep going.”

Qerim attempted to get things back on track, while also struggling not to laugh, asking Perkins “What is making you cry? What is the funniest part of that?”

He responded: “It’s the whole thing. It’s the whole thing, Molly. It’s the whole thing.

“It’s the burner account, with the Patrick Beverly with the camera, it’s the LeBron James…” he said before again, failing to contain his laughter.

As for Lewis, should the tweets in question be linked to the veteran official, ESPN reported that “he could face discipline.”

Lewis has been a referee for nineteen years


Lewis has been a referee for nineteen yearsCredit: Getty

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