Khloe Kardashian’s BFF Malika Haqq admits to getting a boob job and insists she’s ‘not ashamed’ as she shares new photos

MALIKA Haqq, known for standing by Khloe Kardashian’s side, has announced that she got plastic surgery.

Malika, 40, took to her Instagram Story on Monday to share the news of her surgery with her followers.

Khloe Kardashian's best friend recently admitted to getting a boob job


Khloe Kardashian’s best friend recently admitted to getting a boob jobCredit: Instagram
In the post, she claimed that someone is trying to blackmail her with the photos


In the post, she claimed that someone is trying to blackmail her with the photosCredit: Instagram/malika

She started by posting photos of what she looked like after she got the surgery with star emojis covering her nipples.

She captioned the photos: “Since y’all are sensitive about nipples, I’ll cover them.

“This post is for the loser f**k who is trying to extort me for money. You can stop sending these weak a** photos around.

“I’m proud of my breast job. I won’t give you a dime so kiss my a**!!!”

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She then followed up with a video where she was sitting in her car and wearing a white shirt with a black Nike logo on the chest.

Khloe’s bestie wore a diamond cross necklace while hiding behind tiny black sunglasses.

She said, “So, I’m in Paris and I’m just leaving Disneyland with my baby,” and she turned the camera to show her sleeping child.

She continued,” Um, I posted that photo of me after having my boobs done I think in like, 2017 – I don’t even remember.

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“Doesn’t really matter. I own my stuff. I recommend that everybody do that, and don’t let anyone take anything from you.

“I’m not ashamed. And, um, bounce back. Boss up. Every time.”


Malika may have “mistakenly” confirmed Khloe’s, 38, baby’s name in a recent Instagram post.

In the snaps, Khloe posed with her one-year-old son — which The U.S. Sun exclusively revealed earlier this month that his name is Tatum Robert Thompson — while wearing a small t-shirt and baggy jeans.

While Khloe hasn’t confirmed his name yet herself, Malika might have.

Fans noticed her comment that read: “Go, Tate!”

In a popular Kardashian internet forum, one fan posted the comment and asked: “Did Malika accidentally confirm the baby’s name?”

“It has to be, right??? Doesn’t seem like a typo & combined with the rumor,” said another.

On the contrary, one fan believed that it wasn’t an accident.

A fan pointed out, “I doubt it was an accident. Malika is a true ride or die and if it was accidental it would’ve been immediately deleted.”


Earlier this month, Malika and her twin Khadijah attended a fashion event in Los Angeles, California.

Unfortunately for the Kardashian besties, Khloe’s arch-nemesis Jordyn, 25, was at the same event.

Jordyn, who used to be best friends with Kylie Jenner, 25, was kicked out of the Kar-Jenner’s inner circle back in early 2019.

The rumor was that Jordyn hooked up with Khloe’s baby daddy Tristan Thompson, 32, although she denies it to this day.

After that, she was banished from the Hulu stars’ lives, and it created a lot of tension for other members of the Kardashian friend group.

At the event, the Haqqs wore complimenting outfits that had cream-colored sweatpants on the bottom with white sneakers.

One twin wore an olive-green tube top and the other wore a very sheer gray and pink body suit.

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Jordyn showed up in a short yellow tube top dress covered by a long yellow-wash denim jacket.

She accessorized the outfit with an eye-catching red Chanel purse and red sunglasses.

Malika said she's not ashamed of her boob job and she owns it


Malika said she’s not ashamed of her boob job and she owns itCredit: Getty – Contributor
Fans think Malika accidentally confirmed Khloe's baby son's name


Fans think Malika accidentally confirmed Khloe’s baby son’s nameCredit: The Mega Agency
Malika and her twin Khadijah attended an event where they ran into a Kardashian arch nemesis


Malika and her twin Khadijah attended an event where they ran into a Kardashian arch nemesisCredit: The Mega Agency

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