Kremlin Says Musk's Clubhouse Invite Was A "Misunderstanding"

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Kremlin Says Musk’s Clubhouse Invite Was A “Misunderstanding”

The Kremlin has said that what appeared to be an invitation from Elon Musk to President Putin to speak on the popular Clubhouse app was a “misunderstanding”.

Elon Musk didn’t respond to a follow up inquiry from Putin, according to Bloomberg. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said: “Apparently there was some kind of misunderstanding. Most likely, this matter is exhausted.”

Recall, last month, we were among the first to note that Elon Musk had reached out to Putin and asked for a “conversation”. From there, it didn’t take long for Chinese media to confirm that a “conversation” could actually happen between Musk and Putin. State-affiliated outlet People’s Daily reported last month that Putin was “interested” in Musk’s offer. 

Recall, Musk had tweeted to the official English twitter account of the Kremlin, i.e., Vladimir Putin, saying “would you like join me for a conversation” on the popular (and so far invite-only) new audio social network Clubhouse.

He then followed up in google-translated Russian “it would be a great honor to speak with you.”

Peskov had previously called Musk’s Tweet “undoubtedly a very interesting offer”.

Tyler Durden
Thu, 03/04/2021 – 04:15
Source: Zero Hedge News

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