Kroger, Albertsons and Stop & Shop slammed for leaving shoppers out in the cold on major savings – are you impacted?

A GROUP of grocery retailers has been slammed over keeping shoppers in the dark on savings.

Kroger, Albertsons, and Stop & Shop are among the stores accused of using “digital only” promotions, which don’t cover their entire customer base.

Major grocery retailers have reportedly left some groups of shoppers in the dark on big savings


Major grocery retailers have reportedly left some groups of shoppers in the dark on big savingsCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Now, consumer advocacy groups have reached out to the chains seeking to make those promotions available to all shoppers.

They cited the fact that “digital only” discounts are available to those customers who have smartphones and internet connections.

These types of discounts often need to be downloaded to a loyalty or specialty app.

But many low-income and elderly shoppers may not have access to these resources.

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“It’s digital discrimination, and the most vulnerable people are being shut-out of these online discounts at the worst possible time given record high inflation,” said Edgar Dworsky, founder of Consumer World.

“Big supermarkets need to provide an offline alternative to the digitally disconnected so they can reap the same savings that connected shoppers enjoy.”

Dworsky cited 2021 data from the Pew Research Center which revealed that 39 percent of consumers over the age of 65 don’t own a smartphone, and 25 percent don’t use the Internet.

Last week, Consumer World – along with several other consumer organizations – banded together to send a letter to the three companies, Smart & Final, and to other individual regional companies, Supermarket News reports.

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Consumer World argued in the letter that the digital-only coupons may also be confusing to customers – especially those deals that need to be downloaded and saved to a loyalty program.

A survey done by Consumer World found that of 950 shoppers, close to one-third couldn’t explain how to find and use the digital deals.

“We believe the use of digital-only offers as many chains have implemented them may constitute an unfair act under the Federal Trade Commission Act and similar state laws,” the letter stated.

Albertson’s provided a statement and claimed it is working to resolve the problem.

“While we primarily offer [special pricing for loyalty members] through our website or our banner store ‘for U’ app on a smart phone, many of our stores also allow for individuals who may not have digital access to present the weekly circular to the cashier for the discount(s) to be applied at the register,” the company said.

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“We will continue to provide assistance to users of the rewards program in the store to help them ensure they get the best possible experience and prices.”

The U.S. Sun has reached out to Albertsons, Kroger, Stop & Shop, and Smart & Final for comment.

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