Kylie Jenner has had ‘another procedure’ fans insist after star displays ‘bruising and swelling’ under eyes

KYLIE Jenner has shared a new video that has fans scrutinizing her appearance.

Kylie, 26, shared the video on her Instagram to promote some products from her brand Kylie Cosmetics.

Kylie Jenner shared a new makeup tutorial


Kylie Jenner shared a new makeup tutorialCredit: Instagram/kyliejenner
She started the video with a bare and natural face


She started the video with a bare and natural faceCredit: Instagram/kyliejenner

She was wearing a neutral off-the-shoulder top, and her hair was long and in messy curls giving her a sensual look.

The beauty mogul started with a clean face while showing off the bags under her eyes and her natural freckles.

She started by applying some Kylie Skin lip butter before covering her face in foundation, which she also spilled on her shirt.

After, she strategically applied her concealer and blush to make her face glow.


Her look was finished with a peachy-colored eye shadow and lip color.

Kylie smiled as she applied her makeup, but once it was done she pouted her lips to the camera to show off her look.


On Reddit, critics of the Kardashian sister made guesses regarding whether she’s recently had a procedure.

One guessed: “Bruised under eyes?”

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To which another user replied: “Yeah, that caught my attention too. I thought I was wrong so I had to watch it three times. New procedure?”

A second user replied: “Maybe she got her filler that was in her under eyes dissolved, wasn’t everyone commenting on that part of her face being lumpy?”

Kylie Jenner reveals her ‘huge teeth’ in rare smiley video at home as fans fear she ‘can’t close her mouth’ due to lip filler

“I imagine this video is filtered to hell and back and she still looks old and tired,” added another.

A fifth wrote: “Something about her eyes is off. She just looks like a poorly constructed alien at this point.”


Kylie showed her teeth in a rare smiley video in Paris as fans are afraid she can’t close her mouth due to lip filler.

Fans recently worried about the opposite – that the Hulu star was unable to open her mouth to smile due to the fillers.

She previously shared a series of snapshots on Instagram of herself modeling an all-red outfit by designer Jacquemus on the final day of Paris Fashion Week.

The dark crimson ensemble featured a fuzzy overcoat, which included a feathered boa-like collar, red tights of the same shade, and matching carmine heels.

The Kardashians star stood in a hallway, outside a pair of metal elevator doors, and she struck a varied number of playful poses.

Kylie included a short selfie video at the end of the post capturing herself smiling as she applied red theme-appropriate lipliner.

Over on Reddit, fans weren’t feeling Kylie’s makeup clip.

A screengrab of the video was posted to a Kardashian-dedicated board, where one critic remarked, “It feels like her teeth are so huge here that she can’t close her mouth.”

Another mocked, “She thinks she’s looking really nAtUraL.”

Fans thought she appeared bruised under her eyes


Fans thought she appeared bruised under her eyesCredit: Instagram/kyliejenner
Fans on social media have started to believe that she's gotten another cosmetic procedure


Fans on social media have started to believe that she’s gotten another cosmetic procedureCredit: Instagram/kyliejenner
Fans online also think that Kylie isn't able to close her mouth anymore


Fans online also think that Kylie isn’t able to close her mouth anymoreCredit: Instagram/kyliejenner

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