Laundry Is No Longer a Chore Thanks to LG’s Next-Level Washer and Dryer Duo

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Despite what I always say when I’m trying to get dressed, I actually do have a lot of clothes. I also have a lot of pets (nine, to be exact!), so I tend to do my laundry more than the average person. With that being said, doing laundry is probably my least favorite chore. That’s why when LG offered to let me try the brand’s new ‘smart’ washer and dryer duo (sold separately), I was very excited to give it a whirl.

I’ve been using the brand’s two new models, the WM6700HBA washer and the DLX670 natural gas dryer, for over a month now, and I can honestly say that I no longer dread doing laundry—I almost look forward to it. Aside from being stackable (an amazing space-saving feature!), they also operate side by side. You can connect both appliances using the LG ThinQ app, and the dryer will adjust its settings to appropriately match the load detected in the washer. That’s just one of these appliances’ innovative and thoughtful features that transform the chore of doing laundry into simple but high-tech ease. Honestly, the washer and dryer even sound like the calming wave setting on my sound machine—yes, really.

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Source: The Daily Beast

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