Lebanon: Thousands Of Christians Gather In Beirut For One-Of-A-Kind Ecumenical Worship Event Of Hope And Unity

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by Karen Faulkner, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) – An estimated 10,000 Christians from different faith traditions gathered in Lebanon’s capital city Beirut last month for a groundbreaking ecumenical worship event intended to encourage unity and hope in the Body of Christ, CBN News reports. Titled “Beirut 2024,” the event was held on Jan. 20 as part of celebrations for the annual Week of Prayer for Christian Unity and the 50th anniversary of the Middle East Council of Churches (MECC), CBN News reports.

The Beirut 24 event was organized by the MECC, which stated that the gathering had provided “a beacon of hope and joy” for a volatile Middle East that is currently grappling with the ongoing Israel-Hamas war in Gaza, CBN News reports.

The event included presentations of hymns and songs from diverse liturgical and church rituals performed by 300 choristers and musicians from all church families and Lebanese regions. It also included prayers and reflections offered by church leaders “in the name of all believers, on the intention of unity and peace in the Middle East and the world,” the MECC says on its website.

Beirut 24 was “an opportunity to pray for peace in Lebanon and repentance for its people,” the event website says in a statement. “It enables people to contemplate the musical manifestation of the Holy Spirit throughout the history of mankind. Beirut 2024, is a moment of heavenly grace, hope and joy.”

The event was broadcast live on the Lebanese MTV channel and other Christian stations, CBN News said.

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