Leftist Hatred Of Kyle Rittenhouse Is Boundless As He Announces New Book

There is a long list of evils that are associated with the concept of “cancel culture,” but perhaps the worst is the reality that cancel culture mobs never admit they are wrong. They cannot be wrong, for if they admit that cancel culture makes mistakes then they must also admit that the mob is not qualified to arbitrate what is correct for society. Cancel culture is about power – the power to influence public perception, but also the power to influence politics and even legal outcomes.  It’s the power to influence judges, lawyers and juries.  It’s the power to destroy people, even if they are innocent.

The political left and the media lied incessantly about Kyle Rittenhouse and his encounter with violent rioters in Kenosha, Wisconsin on August 25, 2020. They called him a racist, a white supremacist, they claimed he broke federal and state gun laws and that he came to Kenosha with plans to murder people. They claimed that he attacked first and that he invoked a reaction from protesters.  They lied about the criminal status of the people Rittenhouse shot, lied about them being unarmed and even lied about them being black.  

They were wrong about everything, and yet, many activists to this day still believe all of the above is true. Either they are ignorant of the facts, or, they don’t want to hear the facts. Why do they hate Rittenhouse so much?  Because for them, Rittenhouse became a symbol of conservative rebellion against the mob. He faced down the full might of cancel culture  and he survived. The problem is, the pettiness of cancel culture never really dies.  

Leftists are determined to make Rittenhouse pay.  He shot three criminals in self defense, including a convicted pedophile, but those criminals were in Kenosha representing woke interests and that is all that matters to the left.  In cancel culture you aren’t even guilty until proven innocent, you are just guilty, forever.  

This helps explain the online rage on display after it was announced the Rittenhouse will be releasing a book about his experiences in Kenosha, the facts behind what happened, the trial and his life since being acquitted. The book, titled ‘Acquitted’, (digital download here, pre-order soft cover here, and signed pre-order here), and in reaction to the promotional campaign, woke activists have renewed their efforts to smear the 20-year-old with the same false claims made during his trial.

They have also latched onto a statement by his lawyer, Mark Richards, in a discussion with Court TV in which he debunked the notion that Rittenhouse became wealthy during the trial.  In fact, Rittenhouse’s legal funds have dried up and he supports himself with a regular job, the lawyer noted.  Leftist spin doctors conflated the statement to mean that Rittenhouse is “broke” and some claimed he could not hold down a job.  Activists cheered the false news on social media and declared it to be karmic punishment for Kyle’s “misdeeds.” 

Rittenhouse is not broke, he’s just not wealthy or sitting on a vast legal fund.  And like most 20-year-olds, he’s working to make ends meet.  But the joy leftists displayed when they thought he was broke reveals a lot.  

It shows them to be dangerously obsessive.  The young man was judged and a jury found him to be innocent, but leftists still want him to pay for what they perceive to be crimes against their cult.  The American legal system means nothing to them unless it happens to decide in their favor.  When it doesn’t they think they should have the final say.

Rittenhouse told Piers Morgan this week: “Well I’m not writing the book to make money, I’m writing the book to tell the story of what happened,” adding “I’m trying to change the narrative that media keeps putting out there that I’m some type of white [supremacist], racist person when that’s just not true. I’m a 20-year-old kid who was put in a situation to where I was forced to defend myself, and I wrote a story and put that in a book so I could share that with everybody so they can understand what I went through, how my childhood was growing up, and the difficulties I deal with today.”

Rittenhouse has stated in interviews that he deals with PTSD from the day of the shooting and that he regularly receives death threats.  And perhaps this is the ultimate purpose of cancel culture – To make people not want to stand up, not want to defend themselves.  If the price is a life of perpetual threats and targeted harassment, some might be convinced to think that it’s better to keep their head down, stay quiet, and never oppose the woke in any capacity.  The goal is to make examples out of the brave, and make everyone else fearfully complacent.   


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