Listen In: Musk, Vivek, Vance, Sacks And Mike Lee Discuss “Impeachment Time Bomb” Hidden In Ukraine Funding Bill

On Monday, Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH) shared a memo sent to his Republican colleagues in Congress which outlines an “impeachment time bomb” hidden in the text of the Senate’s Ukraine funding bill in case Trump wins the November election.

According to the memo;

President Trump has said, in regard to the war in Ukraine, “We got to get that war settled and I’ll get it settled.” He has stated that he would resolve the war in 24 hours.

The bill includes $1.6 billion for foreign military financing in Ukraine, and $13.7 billion for the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative. These funds expire on September 30, 2025 — nearly a year into the possible second term of President Trump. These are the exact same accounts President Trump was impeached for pausing in December 2019.

If President Trump were to withdraw from or pause financial support for the war in Ukraine in order to bring the conflict to a peaceful conclusion, “over the objections of career experts,” it would amount to the same fake violation of budget law from the first impeachment, under markedly similar facts and circumstances.”

According to Vance, Democrats “would seize on the opportunity to impeach him once again.” 

This is insane,” replied Elon Musk – who then arranged for a ‘spaces’ discussion on X which will include Sens. Mike Lee (R-UT), Vance, along with Vivek Ramaswamy and David Sacks, at 6PM E.T.

You can listen in by clicking into the post below:


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