Love Island 2023 LIVE: Bombshell Zara makes her mark and explosive party game spells drama as Ron’s head is turned

LOVE Island‘s Zara Lackenby-Brown made her mark in the villa as the Islanders took part in an explosive game of beer pong.

The 25-year-old model and Ron Hall continued to crack on in the Love Island villa despite him being with Lana Jenkins.

But Zara didn’t stop there as she made a move on Tom Clare – and snogged the footy pro during a steamy game of beer pong.

Meanwhile, Ron’s head was turned in THREE separate directions as he clearly struggled to decide which island girl is meant for him out of Tanyel, Lana and Zara.

And during a heated discussion, Tanyel Revan earlier told Kai Fagan she is “really annoyed” with him after he cracked on with Anna-May Robey.

Read our Love Island live blog below for the latest updates and gossip…

  • That’s all from a explosive night in the villa

    Wow… things got intense there for a second.

    But that’s all for tonight’s episode.

    We will be back tomorrow night to see the aftermath of Haris and Shaq’s beef.


    Haris and Shaq clash and have to be pulled away from each other.

    And then…credits…

    You can’t leave it like that!

  • It is kicking off!

    Olivia is aaangry as her and Zara clash over Tom.

    Time for a girls chat..

  • Go on Tanyel!

    Tanyel didn’t hold anything back there as she snogged Ron.

    And did you see her push Kai?!

  • David pied

    Tanya was not feeling it with David after that snog.

    And it was going so well for him!

    Better luck next time.

  • Fans are missing Olivia

    Fans feel like Olivia as gone AWOL this episode.

    We miss you too Olivia!

  • Sisters before misters…not

    Tanyel has no time for sisters before misters it seems.

    Despite her “growing friendship” with Lana, she still plans to crack on with Ron.

    All’s fair in love and war!

  • Who do you think Ron will end up with?

    Will it be Lana, Zara or Tanyel?

    Who knows! He can’t seem to make up his mind…

  • ‘All day all night’

    Tanyel says she could flirt with Ron “all day, all night.”

    Is that a third direction your head has been turned in Ron?

    He just can’t make his mind up.

  • Tanyel’s test

    Tanyel is cracking on with Ron just to annoy Kai.

    Just tell him how you feel!

    She says people are “playing it too safe” in the villa.

  • David and Tanya ‘have a connection’

    Things are really heating up between David and Tanya as the new bombshell cracks on.

    Shaq must be absolutely fuming.

  • Ron’s head is turned

    It’s safe to say Ron’s head is spinning.

    He says he likes Lana but Zara also ticks all his boxes.

    Time to choose mister!

  • Zara and David ‘change the energy’

    Zara and David are having a little chat to get the lowdown on their villa experience so far.

    She thinks she has all the girls “on their toes.”

  • Fans hail Will’s personality

    While it might not being too well with the ladies for Will, fans are loving his sense of humour.

    Lets hope he can win the heart of one of the islanders before the end of the week.

    We believe in you Will!

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  • Bed time in the villa

    It’s bed time in the villa after a busy day of flirting and cracking on.

  • Zara makes her mark

    Zara has been doing the rounds tonight, getting to know all the boys.

    Now her and Tom are getting to know eachother.

    But who will she pick?

  • Zara doesn’t want to step on any toes

    Despite saying she doesn’t want to get inbetween Shaq and Tanya, he certainly seems interested in Zara.

    That’s a change of tune from the hunky islander.

  • Zara’s runway

    Come on Zara! Now that’s how you rock the runway.

    Looks like the 25-year-old model and farmer Will are really getting along.

  • Things are going well for Kai and Anna-May

    Looks like things are going well for Kai and Anna-May, with both of them feeling a connections.

  • Fans HATE the ad break

  • Ron digs a hole

    Lana does not look impressed as Ron talks about Zara.

    Keep digging that hole Ron…

    Credit: ITV
  • Tanya and David crack on

    Looks like David and Tanya are feeling the vibe.

    They certainly love each other’s outfits that’s for sure.

    He said the two are “clicking really quickly.”

    And it feels like they’ve “known each other for ages.”

  • Fans all saying the same thing about David

  • Zara’s feeling Kai

    Looks like Zara is catching feelings for Kai already.

    She said the Manchester-based teacher “ticks all” her boxes and is her type.

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