Love Island 2023 LIVE: Fans all say the same thing after noticing subtle change during Tanya & Shaq’s steamy kiss

Former bombshell says he was made to watch the show every night in two week isolation

2022 Casa Amor bombshell Jack Keating has revealed he was made to watch the show every night before heading into the villa.

During this time, Jack revealed he was driven to a villa in the “middle of nowhere”, with three bedrooms and a swimming pool.

Jack admitted he was required to watch the ITV2 show each night with his chaperone Dan, to keep up-to-date with life in the villa and pick his top three girls at the end of it.

“I had to watch Love Island and Dan and I would constantly gossip about the drama on screen,” he told OK! magazine.

“However, he remained poker faced whenever I did ask him for any insider information.

“At the end of each episode I was required to say who my top three girls were, so producers could gauge what would happen if they sent me into the villa.”

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