Major update in murder mystery of boy with a mohawk whose identity is a riddle as investigators go over clues

INVESTIGATORS and DNA experts are searching for clues that could lead to the name of a killed man whose identity has remained a mystery for more than 30 years.

Michigan officials have been chasing leads in the case of a homicide victim who was discovered inside a house with a fatal shotgun wound to the head in October 1988.

Michigan officials have partnered with DNA experts to search for the identity of a boy who was killed in October 1988


Michigan officials have partnered with DNA experts to search for the identity of a boy who was killed in October 1988Credit: National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Police said the victim had only been dead for a few hours when he was discovered, but there was no clear indication as to who he was.

Saginaw police said the victim was a young Black man who is believed to have been 16 to 20 years old at the time of his killing, reported.

The slain man had brown eyes and black hair with a slightly raised mohawk and fade on the sides, according to detectives.

There was a thin mustache above his upper lip.

He stood five-foot-seven and weighed about 165 pounds and was wearing a greenish-yellow short-sleeve shirt, black denim jeans, white low-cut Nike Air sneakers with blue and white laces, and two gold chain necklaces.

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He also had birthmarks on his abdomen and several noticeable keloid scars on his knees and right shoulder.

Investigators initially checked missing persons cases in the area, but the Saginaw John Doe didn’t match any descriptions.

Police believe he may have been from the Detroit area.

The victims may have attended Martin Luther King High School or John Cooley High School during or before 1988, detectives said according to DNASolves.

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For more than 30 years, not a single person has come forward with any information that may lead to his identity.

In an effort to find who the boy was, the Saginaw Police Department has partnered with forensic genealogy company Othram Inc to use advanced DNA testing in the case.

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Police and DNA experts are looking to find the nearest kin who could confirm the victim’s identity.

Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to contact the Saginaw Police Department at 989-759-1235.

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