Man Celebrating Baby’s Birth Shot Dead With Wild Boar Crossbow in Italy

Daniele Mascolo/Reuters

A 63-year-old Italian man is in custody in the northern town of Genoa facing charges for racial hatred driven homicide after allegedly fatally shooting his neighbor with an arrow used to hunt wild boar in a bid to try to shut him up.

Evaristo Scalco was arrested early Wednesday morning after he allegedly killed Javier Alfredo Romero Miranda, a 41-year-old Peruvian born new father, who died walking near Scalco’s home on his way home with friends after celebrating the Halloween birth of his son at a nearby pub.

Miranda had been with friends watching the Champions League match between Liverpool and Napoli, and he and others were reportedly celebrating loudly in the alleyway, waking up Scalco who angrily reacted by shooting his crossbow from his window.

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Source: The Daily Beast

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