Manhattan Sunbathers Get Their First Public Beach—but No Swimming

Photo Illustration by Erin O’Flynn/The Daily Beast/Getty Images

There’s nothing quite like Manhattan in summertime: scantily-clad office works spilling out of restaurants (and spilling rosé), firecrackers popping at every possible opportunity; all set off by an aroma of rancid hot garbage. New Yorkers long to escape to the beach during those baking-hot months to tan, flirt and on occasion entertain their children, but most options take forever to get to via subway if you don’t already live close by, say, Coney Island or the Far Rockaways (it’s in the name; they’re far). Or there is Fire Island and the Hamptons—all far from the city.

Now you don’t have to travel miles for the beach experience—well partly. Later in the summer of 2023, a brand-new sandy escape is set to open in the West Village—Manhattan’s first public beach. You just can’t swim.

“If you see like Christopher Street Pier in the summer, it is covered with sun bathers,” Day said. “People want a place to lay down and to take their shirt off, and that’s what they’re gonna have here.” T-minus 9 months until this place becomes a heavy-traffic dating app spot.

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Source: The Daily Beast

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