Married at First Sight UK 2022 LIVE: Fans slam ‘MATERIALISTIC’ bride as MAFS creates history with new couples

MARRIED At First Sight fans have slammed one of the new brides for being ‘materialistic’ as the show creates history by sending in two new couples.

Newbies Johnathan and Sophie tied the knot in tonight’s episode of Married At First Sight and fans all have the same complaint.

Sophie has a successful career in tech but she has been described as ‘materialistic’ by some MAFS fans as she has made it clear that she wan

Jess has revealed the brutal truth following her departure from the show after choosing to leave the experiment.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Jess could be seen holding back tears as she told her MAFS fans she had been “true and honest” to herself.

“I’ve just watched the episode, and I definitely got emotional,” she said with tears in her eyes as she stood in her home.

“I just want to thank every single person – I woke up to so many messages of support as it means a lot to me.”

Wafting the tears away from her eyes, Jess continued: “Oh I feel so emotional, I came into this experiment looking for a husband and unfortunately I didn’t find it.

“But I can hold my head high saying I’ve been true to myself and true to everyone, and honest throughout this whole experience.

“For every single girl or woman out there, always trust your gut and never let anyone tell you what is right for you.”

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  • Sophie’s family have there doubts

    Sophie’s family are giving the impression that they are above Johnathan.

    This could hold them back.

  • Could this couple be on the rocks already!

    Sophie looks concerned over their “very different worlds”.

  • Time for a big bombshell

    Matt does not look too pleased after finding out Gemma already has kids.

    He even made the comment of wanting “his own” family.

  • Over to Matt and Gemma

    They look delighted to see each other.

    “He’s perfect” – Gemma has a huge grin on her face.

  • All smiles here

    Sophie is happy with Johnathan, lets just hope it stays this way.

  • Finally!

    Johnathan has arrived just in time.

  • OH NO!

    Still no sign of Jonathan and Sophie is almost here!

    This could get awkward.

  • Johnathan appears to be doubting his decision

    His family can already tell that the in-laws look a lot posher than them.

  • Matt has just arrived!

    That was some entrance on the motorbike.

    Pure style!

  • Gemma is looking great

    Gemma’s family have just seen her for the first time.

    Here come the tears!

  • Time for another wedding!

    The brides and grooms are ready, here we go!

  • Did you see that! Sophie’s family do not look happy

    The family have been left asking many questions.

  • Could Johnathan be the man to ‘champion’ Sophie

    Johnathan has been a carpenter since leaving school but he’s an explorer at heart.

    He doesn’t conform to the norm and very much sees himself as an outlier doing his own thing – but he’s now ready to settle down.

  • Meet Sophie

    Sophie has a successful career in tech, owns her own home in Manchester but can’t find a man to keep up.

    She’s a romantic at heart and needs a man who isn’t intimated by her success and confidence.

  • ‘Unlucky in love’

    The next couple have had bad luck with relationships.

    Sophie has been matched with Johnathan.

  • Meet Matt, hopefully Gemma’s Mr Right

    Huddersfield based Matt expresses his individuality through his unconventional look and style – including face tattoos.

    He’s a successful barber, with a ‘heart of gold’ who is looking for a lady to share his and two dogs lives with.

  • Wehey!

    Matt is looking for a girl that is “inked”.

    This couple will surely work.

  • Gemma looks commited

    With her tattooed body and daring red hair, she is not afraid to stand out from the crowd and is never shy of male attention.

    She’s a proud mother of two and owner of a successful hair salon in Devon but has never found her fairy-tale ending.  

  • Johnathan and Sophie look set to clash

    They look like they will be a VERY interesting pairing.

  • MAFS history tonight!

    Two brand new couples will enter the experiment!

  • Here we go!

    It’s back, time to see how the new couples get on!

  • Just 20 minutes until tonight’s show

    One fan is a big lover of Jordan and Chanita.

    They said: “So mucn love for Chanita and Jordan. Such a lovely couple.”

  • We have had our first two couples leave

    Here is a reminder of who left last night.

    One might come as a shock.

  • The next dinner party will be interesting

    The main two couples that have shown Thomas support will not be at the next dinner party.

    Who will have his back then when it all kicks off?

  • Two hours until tonight’s show

    Get set for two new couples to enter the mix.

    Will we see some happily married couples tonight?

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