‘Meet Cute’ is the Kind of Weird Movie No One Makes Anymore

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A movie like Meet Cute, a time-travel rom-com now streaming on Peacock and starring Kaley Cuoco and Pete Davidson, can’t come with expectations. Ask one person if this premise and cast sound good to them, and they might look at you like you just crawled up out of a sewer drain and started moving toward them at an uncomfortably fast pace. Ask another, and you’ll get an eyebrow raise of anticipation: “Hm! That sounds fun. I love Kaley in The Flight Attendant. Is Pete still dating Kim Kardashian?”

Ultimately, not knowing what or how to feel about the movie works in its favor. Like its two leads, Meet Cute has constant frenetic energy pulsing through it that makes it difficult to nail down. But while it spends its runtime vibrating on such a uniquely high frequency, the film still feels almost bizarrely familiar. Just like its time-traveling characters, I was sure that I had already seen this movie before.

Meet Cute is the kind of film that has all but fallen by the wayside, as the space for mid-budget films between big-budget studio flicks and shoestring indie productions has grown tighter. The world of moviemaking was once less polarized. Now, things can only fall into one of two categories: indie with buzz or franchise with IP appeal.

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