Meghan Markle latest news – Duchess can’t damage royals like her hero Diana because she’s just not as important – expert

MEGHAN Markle can’t damage the royals like her hero Princess Diana because she’s simply not important enough, an expert has claimed.

Pauline Maclaren, author of Royal Fever: The British Monarchy in Consumer Culture, pointed out several key differences between Meghan’s Oprah Winfrey interview and Diana’s interview with Martin Bashir.

She told the Mirror: “I don’t think the [Meghan and Harry] interview can be really rated in a similar way to the Diana interview, which really turned the public very much against the royal family here.

“When Diana did her interviews, that was after they had suffered many other things during that period, so that was a sort of culminating scandal or the culmination of a series of scandals, really.

“This time, I think it’s just not quite the same and particularly because Harry and Meghan had already left.”

Another serious difference is their rank, with Diana speaking out while she was Princess of Wales and future Queen, while Meghan is married a junior royal who continues to fall further down the line to the throne.

Meghan is said to have have hero-worshipped Diana as a child, becoming “obsessed” with watching endless reruns of Diana’s fairy tale wedding according to her friend’s mother, Sonia Ardakani.

It comes Piers Morgan claimed Meghan and Harry lied or exaggerated 17 times during their bombshell Oprah Winfrey interview.

The former Good Morning Britain host insisted he was right not to believe the Duchess of Sussex in her Oprah interview, alleging that 17 of her claims in the chat have proved incorrect.

Piers, 56, was booted from his ITV morning show last month after expressing doubts over her bombshell allegations during the Oprah sit-down with Prince Harry.

In the interview Meghan, 39, had claimed that she was denied access to mental health care when she was feeling suicidal because she was told it “wouldn’t look good for the institution”.

She also alleged that racist comments had been made by a senior royal about Archie’s skin colour before his birth.

Now in his own interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson last night, Piers demanded Meghan Markle reveal who specifically rejected her pleas for help over her mental health, before she quit as a frontline royal.

He also accused Harry and Meghan of “complete hypocrisy” with the interview and insisted he has the “universal support” of the British public.

In his first TV interview since he departed Good Morning Britain, Morgan told to American news personality he stood by his comments, blasting the couple for the “most extraordinarily disingenuous smear, hit job”.

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Source: The Sun

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