Millions of iPhone owners must check Settings app today – serious Apple alert is too important to ignore

CHECK your iPhone right now for an important update that you must not ignore.

Apple has pushed out a new iOS update that fixes a long list of security bugs.

Update your iPhone as soon as possible


Update your iPhone as soon as possibleCredit: Apple

Every so often, Apple releases a small new update to iOS.

This week iPhone owners can access the latest iOS 16.4.

It adds a few new features, but even more important are the security updates contained within.

They close dangerous holes that hackers can exploit to hijack your devices or accounts.

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That’s why it’s so important to install the latest security updates as soon as possible.

Apple has fixed dozens of issues in the new update.

It includes bugs that let apps access sensitive data, contacts, and potentially even allows hackers to execute code on your device.

Thankfully Apple doesn’t report that any of the bugs are being actively exploited.

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But you should still install the latest update to be safe.

To get iOS 16.4, go to Settings > General > Software Update.

Bear in mind that older devices simply can’t update to iOS 16.

The earliest iOS 16-friendly handsets are the iPhone SE (2nd gen) and the iPhone 8.

Anything older than that can’t get the new update, which creates a security risk.

If your handset is too old, you should consider upgrading as soon as possible.

The more security updates you miss out on, the greater danger you face from hackers.

It can be costly to upgrade to a newer device, but falling victim to a hack attack can also be bad for your finances.

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You should also make sure to turn on Automatic Updates in your iOS settings.

This ensures that you get the latest updates automatically, rather than relying on you manually checking.

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