A family are now living in fear following a senseless attack on their valuable collection of classic Mini cars.

Half-witted yobs have attacked 4 vintage Minis including a pair of what are said to be the last known vehicles in the UK.


The windscreen fully smashed in of one of the vintage Mini’s[/caption]


The cricket bat embedded with nails was the weapon used[/caption]


One Mini had its headlights smashed and was smothered by graffiti[/caption]

The cars had all been restored by Anja McCormick and her family and were left locked up at their home in Northampton.

The cars included a Mini Sky, left to Anja by her late grandfather, a Mini Rose with a Union Jack roof, the two last of their kind in the UK, a Mini Cooper and a Mini Rio.

The attackers struck at night wielding a cricket bat embedded with nails, causing “irreversible” damage smashing the windows and scratching the paint work.

The family have said the cars are “beyond repair” and are offering a reward to the value of £1,000.


The damaged paint work of one of the vandalised vehicles[/caption]


The interior of the cars was targeted and ripped[/caption]

It is believed that the attack was filmed and uploaded to social media as part of a TikTok stunt.

She said: “Anyone who knows me since school will remember the little classic Mini Sky that my grandad got for me just before he passed away.

“As you can see from the pictures, it’s taken a huge beating, slabs thrown through the windows, lights smashed, roof hammered, and also an actual beating with a cricket bat embellished with nails.

“They have completely trashed all four cars.

Anja has been left questioning the motif of the attackers and is now scouring social media in a bid to catch the yobs.


The Mini Sky had its rear window smashed through[/caption]


The Mini Sky after being restored to its full glory[/caption]

A Northamptonshire Police spokeswoman said: “This happened in Honeysuckle Way, Northampton, sometime between midnight on April 3 to 1pm on April 10.

“The unknown offender/s have broken into the garage and damaged four classic Minis with every window and panel smashed.”


Source: The Sun

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