Molly Qerim begs First Take guest to ‘step in’ and says ‘I’m not doing that’ after Stephen A. Smith makes ‘wild’ request

FIRST Take host Molly Qerim has ruled out ever being interviewed by co-star Stephen A. Smith.

The ESPN anchor, 39, got into a wild exchange with Smith and First Take guest Kendrick Perkins during Thursday’s show.

Molly Qerim and Stephen A. Smith have got into a wild First Take exchange


Molly Qerim and Stephen A. Smith have got into a wild First Take exchangeCredit: First Take/ESPN
Molly begged guest Kendrick Perkins to "step in" during Thursday's show


Molly begged guest Kendrick Perkins to “step in” during Thursday’s showCredit: First Take/ESPN

Qerim and Stephen A. were in ESPN’s New York studios as they welcomed Perkins by video link.

The former NBA star began the segment by praising Smith over a recent interview with Kevin Garnett on his podcast The Stephen A. Smith Show.

Stephen A. thanked Perkins before claiming his “biggest interview” would be when he finally convinces Molly to come on his show.

Qerim tersely replied: “I don’t do interviews.”


But Smith was keen to roll with the idea, continuing: “You gonna do interviews!”

Perkins was similarly enthusiastic, replying: “Molly you have to do that.”

Qerim hit back: “No shot. He’s going to ask me wild things.

“You see the headlines he makes. I’m not doing that. No upside.”

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To raucous laughter from Perkins, Stephen A. claimed there was “always an upside”.

Molly grabbed for a box of tissues beneath her desk, putting her head in her hands.

Addressing Perkins, she sighed: “Oh my God, I can’t. Perk, I think I’m getting a little sick.

“I need a tissue. Might need you to step in here. Not feeling well.”

Following the bizarre segment, Qerim finally managed to move the conversation onto sports.

Earlier this week, the ESPN star revealed that First Take is bringing in record viewers.

November was the show’s most-watched month ever, with Shannon Sharpe’s switch from FS1 appearing to pay off.

You can catch First Take every weekday from 10am ET.

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