Mom chooses life on abortionist’s table, finally meets her grateful son 2 decades later

Melissa Coles (Video screenshot)

Melissa Coles (Video screenshot)

(CBN NEWS) — In 1993, Melissa Coles was a scared teenager on the doctor’s table about to have an abortion. Elsewhere, Susan Scotten was a woman desperate to adopt a baby. Melissa’s 11th-hour decision to choose life for her baby set off a chain of amazing events, with ongoing blessings.

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Susan recalls, “I got married – I married my high school sweetheart, and we easily got pregnant and were devastated when our first child was born with a disability. And he lived 12 days.”

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It wouldn’t be the last time Susan would feel the sting of losing a child to a birth defect. Her second son died at two-and-a-half on December 22, 1986 – just three days before Christmas.

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