Mum reveals genius hack for cleaning awkward water bottles and all you need is some rice

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EVER get frustrated when you have awkwardly-shaped water bottles that are hard to clean?

Cleaning whizz Chantel Mila, who posts on TikTok as @Mama_Mila_, showed her savvy rice hack that leaves containers sparkling in seconds.


Cleaning whizz Chantel Mila showed how to clean awkward water bottles[/caption]

She uploaded a video with the caption: “The trick to clean hard-to-clean water bottles.”

Chantel held up a long, thin water bottle that needed cleaning at the bottom.

Instead of trying to poke a scrubbing brush inside to reach the corners, she showed how all you need to do is add some uncooked rice to the bottle.

Next, she showed how you pour in a cup of water and a bit of washing up liquid before shaking hard. 


All you need to do is add some uncooked rice to the bottle, along with a cup of water[/caption]


Add some washing up liquid to the bottle and then add the lid[/caption]


Give the bottle a big shake so the rice can work its magic[/caption]


Chantel explained how the rice hack can leave your bottles gleaming[/caption]


She showed how the hack left the bottom of the bottle clean[/caption]

She explained: “The rice will help scrub the inside of the bottom and leave it perfectly clean.”

After rinsing away her DIY solution, the bottle was left looking sparkling clean.

Many people were highly impressed with her home hack, with one saying: “This is so helpful, I’m gonna try.”

Another added: “YES THANK YOU.”

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Source: The Sun

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