My daughter was sent home from high school after violating ‘ridiculous’ dress code – but reason for rule shocked me most

A MOM was shocked to find that her daughter was sent home after being dress coded at school for a “ridiculous” reason.

Stacie Dunn made a post on Facebook about the incident which saw the mother demand “change.”

The mom demanded 'change' after her daughter was dress-coded for the outfit pictured above


The mom demanded ‘change’ after her daughter was dress-coded for the outfit pictured aboveCredit: Facebook / Stacie Dunn
The girl's mom even brought a scarf along with her for her daughter but the Principal still sent the girl home


The girl’s mom even brought a scarf along with her for her daughter but the Principal still sent the girl homeCredit: Facebook / Stacie Dunn

The pupil at the Kentucky high school is pictured in the post wearing blue jeans, a beige tank top and a white cardigan.

Her mother wrote: “So this is my daughter at school today. I had to come to the school because according to her school principal what she is wearing is out of dress code and inappropriate for school.

“When I got there I found a group of female students standing in the office due to being out of dress code also. This is ridiculous!”

“WOODFORD County High School and the principle have been enforcing a dress code where as girls can not show even [their] collar bones because it may distract their male class mates. This is ridiculous!

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“Parents are being called away from their important jobs and students are missing important class time because they are showing their collarbones!

“Something needs to change!”

Dunn noted that she went to the school with a scarf for her daughter to cover herself up with, but the girl was sent home anyway.

She had been accused by the principal of giving “an attitude.”

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In another post the mother asked: “What did he want her to tie it like a noose around her neck!”

At the time, Scott Hawkins, the Woodford County Schools superintendent said that the dress policy had been in place for over a decade.

“Our school administration has been very open with students and parents alike, that if they feel like changes need to be made, they are open to suggestions,” he told

He added: “It just needs to be measurable so that it can be consistently enforced.

“The whole idea behind the dress code is to make sure you have a safe learning environment and that’s what we’re trying to create.” 

Hawkins pointed out: “There’s nothing magical about the collarbone itself other than that’s just a point of reference, kind of like your knee would be for the length of shorts, or the length of a skirt.”

According to the dress code policy for Woodford County High School for this year, the clothing rules “supports equitable education access.”

It states: “The student dress code is established to teach grooming and hygiene, prevent disruption and minimize safety hazards.

“Any disruptive or distracting mode of clothing or appearance that adversely impacts the educational process is not permitted, including references to violence, drugs or alcohol.”

The policy clearly notes that its guidelines are not “entirely inclusive of all dress code situations.”

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It states that shirts and dresses must have straps at least the width of three fingers and necklines that are at or above one’s underarm is allowed.

Tops must be opaque and not cropped and when moving must always cover the entire stomach, back and below the underarm.

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