My electrician is inviting a strange woman to my house for up to FOUR HOURS a day, I saw them on door cam & I’m fuming

A WOMAN was furious with her electrician for having a strange woman come to the house for up to four hours, when she was paying him to work.

The woman explained that she saw the stranger arrive two days in a row on her door cam and she stayed for four and three hours.

The electrician was letting a strange woman into the house while he was at work


The electrician was letting a strange woman into the house while he was at workCredit: Getty

She said that she did some digging online and worked out that the woman was not the electrician’s wife.

Taking to Mumsnet she said: “Currently got a tradesperson in to do a job.

“They quoted me a day rate for eight days work (which I think will take less time than that, but they’re the expert…)

“I checked my security footage this week and noticed a woman popped round to my house when I was out and tradesperson was working alone in my house.

“I can only see her walk past my front door to the back garden gate, she knocks and then the feed ends.

“She’s seen leaving four hours later. The next day, same thing, except three hours.

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“At present the tradesperson gets here for about 8am and has already stopped working by 3pm.

“So that’s seven hours of work, fair enough, but four of them an unknown woman here is (it’s not his wife, I did a little social media digging and it’s not her).

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“He still has four days left to finish the job next week and I don’t l like the fact there’s an unknown and uninvited person in my house when I’m not there, plus, how much work can he really be doing if his ‘mate’ is there for four hours.”

Fellow Mumsnet users were quick to comment on the bizarre situation.

One person said: “You do know this is completely unprofessional and unacceptable, don’t you? I wouldn’t have him back in the house.”

Another said: “As you’re sure she isn’t a [colleague], then no I wouldn’t like randoms having sex in my bed, so I would sack him now.

“I suppose there’s a slight chance she’s a thief scoping the house rather than a shag, but she’s a really crap thief if so.”

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A third said: “He’s obviously seeing someone on the side and using your place to see her.

“I wouldn’t want him back again on Tuesday but I’ve no idea what you can do if he’s in the middle of a job, so to speak!”

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