My Target hack will save you hundreds on holiday shopping – I found a great gift for $150 off & décor for $100 cheaper

A TARGET shopping hack could save you hundreds this holiday season.

Jennifer Jolly, who posts on TikTok using the handle @jenniferjollytechish, shared her Target hack in a recent video.

Jennifer's shopping hack could save you hundreds this holiday season


Jennifer’s shopping hack could save you hundreds this holiday seasonCredit: Getty Images – Getty

“I cannot believe how much money I save with this amazing Target hack – seriously – mind blown!,” Jennifer’s video caption reads.

She says to start by opening up your Target app and scanning each item.

“The online price will pop up … almost always lower,” the on-screen text reads.

The on-screen text claimed that Jennifer saves hundreds when she shops using the hack.

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Jennifer also shows examples in her video of how much she’s saving by using the Target app while shopping.

She scanned a Christmas tree that was priced at $200 in-store, but that was only $100 on the app.

A doll Jennifer scanned in-store for $29.99 was listed at $18.99 on the app, making the savings abundantly clear.

“At checkout, show an employee the cheaper online price,” Jennifer instructs.

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“A price adjustment will be made.”

Jennifer’s video has been viewed more than 10,000 times.

Some TikTokers commented that in addition to doing this at Target, they also do it at Walmart and Walgreens.

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One TikToker claimed that her Target doesn’t price match the store’s deals with the online prices.

Jennifer responded in the comments: “It’s actually a policy – they will price match if you ask – just show them the online price.”

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