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What does Aquarius like getting up to?

Art – They love weird art and anything new that appears on-trend. Whether it be poetry, an art gallery or literature they are interested even when most of us either don’t understand or care.

Writing – They love to get whatever is on their mind out and down on paper. Aquarians have a lot to say and they usually say it in beautiful prose with an extensive vocabulary.

Sci-fi – Everyday interests often include astrology, binge-watching shows about science, technology and space travel. It could manifest in them wanting to go into the sector and even become an astronaut.

Flying – Well, they are an Air sign after all. Any opportunity to fly, skydive or be in the open air is grasped. They love nothing more than being in their natural environment.

Technology – They love techy toys. When they get their mobile phone upgraded it is a momentous day and they love to tinker with gadgets.

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