Nathan Millard warning issued by expert over ‘blue magic’ drug dad of five ‘overdosed on before body dumped in carpet’

POLICE have described the horrific dangers of the “blue magic” drug that father of five Nathan Millard allegedly overdosed on.

Millard’s body was found beside a Baton Rouge highway wrapped in a rug after meeting with alleged drug dealer Derrick Perkins two weeks prior.

Nathan Millard, 42, allegedly overdosed on 'blue magic' after meeting up with Derrick Perkins, police believe


Nathan Millard, 42, allegedly overdosed on ‘blue magic’ after meeting up with Derrick Perkins, police believeCredit: Facebook
The street drug is a pure form of heroin, according to a substance abuse counselor


The street drug is a pure form of heroin, according to a substance abuse counselorCredit: Getty
Perkins, who is believed to be a drug dealer, has been arrested, but police have not accused him of killing Millard


Perkins, who is believed to be a drug dealer, has been arrested, but police have not accused him of killing MillardCredit: Baton Rouge Police Department

On February 22, the Georgia construction exec disappeared following a night of drinking with a client.

Millard allegedly later met Perkins, known as “Stanka” on the streets, while he was looking for “something to make him feel better,” police docs allege.

His body was discovered wrapped in plastic and rolled in a carpet near a highway on March 6.

Perkins was arrested and faces charges related to Millard’s case but Louisiana cops have not accused him of being responsible for the dad’s death.

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According to police, it is believed that he went to a home in the south part of the city where he overdosed on a form of heroin called “blue magic,” BRPD spokesperson L’Jean McKneely claims.

“It was blue magic, but it had some form of fentanyl in it.

“So, we believe the fentanyl was administered or the partaking in the drug activity.

“There is some mention of possibly giving some Narcan.”

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According to a local advocate, blue magic is a rare drug for the streets of Baton Rouge, and was mainly used in the 70s.

“That was something that was in songs and people talked about a lot,” addiction and substance abuse counselor Tonja Myles told local CBS affiliate WAFB.

“It’s the most purest heroin that you can probably buy.”

Perkins has been arrested and hit with charges related to Millard’s case, but cops maintain that they do not believe he caused the dad’s death.

It’s believed the alleged drug dealer drove the father’s corpse around for two to four days “until the odor got too bad,” according to his arrest warrant.

The warrant also alleged that “several persons” claimed to have “smelled, observed, and/or were told” that Millard’s body was in Perkins’ 2004 blue Toyota Camry.

Cellphone records revealed that Perkins’ phone was placed on airplane mode on March 6 – the day Millard’s body was discovered.

The arrest warrant claimed this was likely done to prevent police from detecting his location.

Further investigation into data from Perkins’ phone showed the mobile device was in the area of Circle K on February 23, which is the last location Millard was seen alive via surveillance.

Cellphone records indicated that Perkins was in the area near the AM Mart and the Chevron/Kangaroo gas station, where detectives observed him using Millard’s debit card, the warrant claims.

Several people reported to police that Millard allegedly died of an accidental overdose inside a home after that.

Perkins is accused of then wrapping up the body and putting it into his car.

Millard’s remains were discovered beside a highway on March 6 by someone who noticed the foul scent.

An official cause of death has yet to be confirmed by the coroner’s office.

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Police said there were no signs of trauma on his body.

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