NBA Paris game: Who is playing and how can I watch?

TWO NBA teams are heading to Accor Arena in Paris, France, to play in the annual overseas game.

Now, fans want to know who is playing and how they can watch it.

Two NBA teams will play at Accor Arena in Paris on January 19, 2023


Two NBA teams will play at Accor Arena in Paris on January 19, 2023Credit: EPA

Who is playing in the NBA Paris game?

Each year, the NBA schedules a few global games. The 2022-23 schedule included two, a game in Mexico and a game in Paris.

The 2023 NBA Paris game, which is the league’s 119th international game, will feature a matchup between the Chicago Bulls and the Detroit Pistons.

This game will be the first time the NBA has played in Paris since 2020.

How can I watch the NBA Paris game?

The NBA Paris game is scheduled to begin at 3pm EST on January 19, 2023.

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The game can be watched on Bally Sports Detroit or NBA TV, according to Yahoo! Sports.

It can also be listed on WXYT-FM 97.1.

Who is Pistons guard Killian Hayes?

Killian Hayes is a professional basketball player who was drafted in the first round of the 2020 draft.

The six-and-a-half-foot Pistons star is commonly seen playing the point guard and shooting guard positions.

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While both teams might be excited about the Paris trip, Hayes is arguably the most excited as it will reunite him with his home country.

He was born in Florida but ultimately grew up in Cholet, which is roughly four hours southwest of Paris, according to

The Chicago Bulls will face off against the Detroit Pistons


The Chicago Bulls will face off against the Detroit PistonsCredit: Getty Images – Getty

“I think it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” Hayes said about the game.

“There are 30 [NBA] teams, and we’re fortunate enough that they picked the Pistons to go [to France]. I’m very happy to go back home and enjoy an NBA game with my friends and family in attendance.”

“In France, the main sport is soccer, but basketball is really growing,” Hayes added.

“A lot of people love basketball out there, and [this game is a big opportunity for them] to enjoy NBA basketball live.”

Hayes is the only player on either roster with a French background, according to

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