Nepo Baby of the Week: Unfortunately, Please Don’t Destroy Is Indestructible

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I say this without any sort of pretension or disdain for the sketch-comedy genre, but I genuinely can’t recall the last time I watched a full episode of Saturday Night Live. This definitely isn’t unique to me. Like many people my age, I tend to catch whichever dreadfully cringe or occasionally brilliant, usually Pedro Pascal-featured skits go viral the next morning. I don’t really know who any of the current players are, aside from gems Bowen Yang and Ego Nwodim.

However, I’ve recently become hyper-aware of one new-ish SNL troupe, not because of their virality, per se, but because a certain sector of the internet seems fed up with them. As you may have already guessed, they’re, indeed, nepo babies.

In last week’s episode, hosted by Timothée Chalamet, the comedy trio Please Don’t Destroy generated controversy for a very lame Hamas “joke” during one of their routine sketches. (It was more of a name-drop designed to shock than an actual joke, IMO. Still sucked!) It turns out people, particularly in the comedy space, have long despised the boys’ post on SNL, given that two of them are the sons of comedians with direct ties to the institution: John Higgins is the son and doppelganger of Tonight Show announcer and SNL producer, Steve Higgins. And Martin Herlihy is the offspring of Adam Sandler’s comedy partner, Tim Herlihy. The third member, Ben Marshall, is just a regular dude who befriended them at NYU (a second-gen nepo baby, ostensibly).

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Source: The Daily Beast

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