New energy bill relief payments worth up to $1,000 to go out to struggling Americans in weeks – can you claim?

MILLIONS of Americans will soon receive payments up to $1,000 to help them with high energy bills.

Nuclear electric power generation company Entergy has announced a pledge to commit $3.2million to helping Mississipians pay for high gas prices.

Millions of Mississippians will benefit from Entergy's new payments


Millions of Mississippians will benefit from Entergy’s new paymentsCredit: Getty

The company said aiding those with low to moderate incomes is the focus of the effort, although it will apply to all residential customers.

Entergy Mississippi, LLC provides electricity to approximately 456,000 customers in 45 Mississippi counties.

More than half of the power Entergy Mississippi generates is from natural gas, which has more than doubled in cost over the last year.

Because of this, customers have been dealing with massive bills.

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“We not only want to alert our customers ahead of time when we see factors that can affect their bills,” Entergy Mississippi’s president and chief executive officer Haley Fisackerly said.

“We also want to give them the help and tools they need to prepare for those bills.”

Who can claim?

As part of the $3.2million commitment, Entergy Mississippi will take four measures:

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First, a $150 bill credit will apply to moderate income customers. 

Altogether, that’s $1.1 million toward temporary bill payment assistance for Mississipians who struggle to pay their utility bills but do not qualify for federal assistance programs.

Secondly, Entergy will provide up to $1,000 for disabled and older customers who need it.

This $540,000 payment will provide emergency utility bill payments for one or several months to seniors and customers with disabilities.

Additionally, the company is offering free $35 energy efficiency kits.

Costing nearly $1.1million, these kits will be deployed to customers at community events in Entergy’s service area this fall.

They also can be requested online and are available to all customers.

The kits could save customers $5 per month or $60 yearly. 

Combined with Entergy’s online tools, customers could save as much as $300 each year.

Finally, Entergy is investing $460,000 in a customer education campaign.

This intends to make Entergy customers more aware of additional energy efficiency and bill help applicable to them. 

This spans from assistance to low-income households on applying to federal bill assistance programs for their area, including the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.

Beyond the aid to customers. Entergy has been vocal about addressing the natural gas crisis. 

The company said it is taking steps to limit its use of natural gas, including investing in Grand Gulf Nuclear Station’s low-cost power and incorporating more renewable energy into its generation portfolio.

Other energy relief

Several states have taken steps to mitigate the high costs of gas right now as well.

In Ohio, for instance, residents can apply for aid through the Home Energy Assistance Summer Crisis Program (HEAP).

Duke Energy has assisted nearly 1,100 Indiana households with energy bills worth around $260,000.

Meanwhile, eligible California residents will get a $64.17 credit on their August and September electric bills automatically.

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Alabama Power is also offering customers a rebate gift card worth up to $200.

Federally, President Joe Biden’s administration announced that it will take action with six moves, aiming to cut energy bills by up to 50 percent for millions of Americans.

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