Nicki Minaj’s ‘Barbz’ Came for This YouTuber. So She’s Suing Them.

Photo Illustration by Luis G. Rendon/The Daily Beast/Getty

Popular YouTube personality Kimberly Nicole Foster plans to take legal action against Nicki Minaj fans who posted her personal information online, prompting a torrent of abuse that has lasted all week.

Foster plans to file a lawsuit as early as next week, she told The Daily Beast. The pop culture commentator has already filed a report with her local police department and submitted a tip to the FBI, complete with screenshots that show some of Minaj’s most passionate fans, known as the Barbz, threatening to kill and rape her for criticizing their favorite rapper.

Foster, 33, says the turmoil started earlier this week, after she posted a tweet that read, “Nicki is so clearly a horrible person. Negativity sticks to her like glue. Idk if we’ve ever seen this before.”

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Source: The Daily Beast

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