Nikola Jokic has one of the highest salaries in the NBA

DENVER (KDVR) — After helping the Denver Nuggets win their first NBA Championship, Nikola Jokic’s salary skyrocketed. Now, he has one of the highest salaries in the league.

Earlier this season, Jokic broke a tie with LeBron James and Jason Kidd to move into fourth place in triple-doubles. He trails Magic Johnson by 30 for third.

Jokic also tied James for his second-place spot for the highest salaries this season. Jokic makes the same amount as James and Joel Embiid. The only person making more than Jokic is Stephen Curry.

Using data from Spotrac, here are the top 10 highest salaries in the NBA for the 2023-2024 season, including ties.

  1. Stephen Curry: $51.9 million
  2. (Tie) Nikola Jokic: $47.6 million
  3. (Tie) LeBron James: $47.6 million
  4. (Tie) Joel Embiid: $47.6 million
  5. Bradley Beal: $46.7 million
  6. Kevin Durant: $46.4 million
  7. (Tie) Paul George: $45.6 million 
  8. (Tie) Kawhi Leonard: $45.6 million 
  9. (Tie) Giannis Antetokounmpo: $45.6 million 
  10. (Tie) Damian Lillard: $45.6 million 

Last season, Jokic had the 25th-highest salary in the NBA. He was making $33,616,770. One championship win and over $10 million later, Jokic’s yearly salary could buy three Rolls-Royce Sweptails, one of the most expensive cars.

While Jokic isn’t making as much as Curry this year, he was able to hold off the Warriors in a 108-105 win in early November.

The Denver Nuggets are playing the LA Clippers on Tuesday night at Ball Arena. Tickets are still available if you want to see why Jokic makes one of the highest salaries in the NBA.

Source: Rocky Mountain News

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