No bounds on Dems’ ‘lunacy’ if immigration scheme succeeds

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Multiple commentators have explained just why Joe Biden opened the nation’s southern border and has schemed to admit many millions of illegal aliens.

Because the ultimate goal is to convert those “non-voting” illegals to voting Democrats and thus establish American as a permanent one-party nation.

Now a report in the Federalist confirms that’s not only possible, but likely, if there’s not a change in America’s trajectory.

And the consequences would be dire.

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“If the Democrat Party of today (and especially of tomorrow) were to gain even temporary control of the federal government that included a supermajority in the Senate, the damage inflicted would be irreparable. If they were to succeed in establishing a new coalition of voters who usher in sweeping victories, the left would no longer fear electoral consequences for their increasingly deranged policies, and their lunacy would know no bounds.”

The warning continued, “For these reasons and more, the next president must mobilize the federal government to deport as many illegal aliens as possible, beginning with violent criminals and the most recent arrivals. Our asylum system, which is scammed by millions of foreign nationals, must be scrapped, and we need a southern border wall. Our current trajectory is not sustainable, and while the task will be difficult, it is far better than watching the greatest civilization that’s ever existed go down the drain because we didn’t want to be perceived as ‘mean.'”

The report explained the agenda being pursued by Democrats, citing the proposal in the Senate for a “border bill” days ago.

Is America already on the fast track to destruction due to the influx of illegal aliens?

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“President Biden and Democrats are now blaming Republicans for failing to pass the bill, but the reality is that for the ‘open borders’ Democrat Party, everything is going according to plan,” the report said.

“The Democrat Party is well on its way to fundamentally changing America’s demographics, all to secure what they believe will eventually become an unbeatable coalition of new voters.”

Te report noted in 2018, the population of illegals in America was estimated at some 22 million. Now that’s about 30 million.

“To put that into perspective, if we created a 51st state comprised entirely of illegal aliens, its population would be larger than every state except California, and it would be 77 percent of the entire population of Canada.”

The solution to protecting America isn’t complicated: Stop future illegal entries and deport those who are already here illegally.

And, the report pointed out, “As our nation becomes more diverse, tribal politics pay dividends for the left, and as racial animosity ensues, our country becomes a powder keg waiting to blow. This is hardly an environment that could cultivate the kind of integration required to assimilate tens of millions of people while simultaneously trying to assimilate the more than 1 million legal immigrants we take in every year.”

The report noted legally, those aliens are not supposed to have voting privileges, but amnesty proposals abound, and their children certainly will vote.

“Democrats know this, of course.”

Further, “In 2020, Joe Biden carried Georgia, Wisconsin, and Arizona by a total of about 45,000 votes, meaning a presidential election could be decided by only 0.15 percent of the illegal alien population voting in the right states.”

Already, illegals cost taxpayers billions, and they are “wreaking havoc on our hospitals, schools, housing, public lands, and budgets while facilitating a drug epidemic that kills scores of Americans.”

“It is not righteous or morally defensible to destroy our nation because we don’t want to inconvenience people who break our laws by coming here illegally. We must become a nation that enforces its most basic and necessary feature — its borders,” the report charged.

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