‘No one f—s with a Biden,’ president boasts on hot mic

In his latest hot-mic gaffe, President Biden used an obscenity when promising hurricane relief during a trip to Florida on Wednesday.

Mr. Biden, in a video taken by pro-Trump digital strategist Greg Price and posted to Twitter, is shaking hands with Ray Murphy, the mayor of Fort Myers Beach as the local official thanks Mr. Biden for making the trip.

“Thanks for everything,” Mr. Price said. “Thanks for coming down, we appreciate it.”

The next few lines were unintelligible, but after a laugh, the president says “No one f—-s with a Biden.”

“You’re goddamn right,” Mr. Murphy replies with another laugh.

“And you can’t argue with your brothers outside the house,” Mr. Biden responds back, to which the mayor says, “That’s exactly right, that’s exactly right.”

The video went viral on Twitter, prompting a number of snarky listing of people and things that have indeed … messed … with Mr. Biden, some of which were collected by the Daily Wire.

“Except the Taliban,” snarked conservative Substack writer Jim Treacher.

Podcaster Clint Russell added that “CCP, Russia, N Korea, OPEC & inflation could not be reached for comment.”

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