North Korean Tween in Line to Become First Woman Dictator in Modern History

Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast/Getty

You have to wonder why North Korean leader Kim Jong Un believed the launch of his longest-range intercontinental ballistic missile was the right place to introduce his daughter to the world.

Did he think the girl, who resembles her father, would so love to see the launch that she would forever not only revere daddy’s achievements but promise to build on the program after he’s gone?

At first glance, Kim’s daughter, a preteen, 10 or 12, may appear an unlikely candidate for succession, but North Korea’s state media would not have distributed the photos if she were not being groomed for great things. She’s believed to be the second of the three children of whom Kim and his wife, Ri Sol Ju, are the doting parents. As for her name, not officially revealed, we have to accept the word of Dennis Rodman, the old-time Chicago Bulls’ basketball star, who cuddled her during one of his visits to North Korea in 2013 as Kim Jong Un’s fun-loving guest and said her name was Ju Ae.

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Source: The Daily Beast

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