Nude awakening: Facebook to allow pictures of naked breasts for trans and non-binary people only

(Photo by Joe Kovacs)

(FOX NEWS) — Meta’s Oversight Board announced a new policy Wednesday that will allow transgender and non-binary people to display their naked breasts on Facebook and Instagram but will continue to forbid such posts by cis-gender women.

“The Oversight Board finds that removing these posts is not in line with Meta’s Community Standards, values or human rights responsibilities,” the board wrote about posts from a couple that identifies as transgender and non-binary. “These cases also highlight fundamental issues with Meta’s policies.”

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They continued, “Meta’s internal guidance to moderators on when to remove content under the Sexual Solicitation policy is far broader than the stated rationale for the policy, or the publicly available guidance. This creates confusion for users and moderators and, as Meta has recognized, leads to content being wrongly removed.”

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